Beth Israel Congregation

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Beth Israel Congregation
Bloomsburg, PA

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Purim Party

We held out until the governor decided to close all the schools in the state for two weeks. But at this point, the risks of a party seem to outweigh the fun.  Better to face disappointment than a plague. We'll try again next year.


Come join us for the whole Megillah!

We’re wrapping up Purim preparations and celebrations in one glorious day!

First, we’ll hear the Megillah – well, most of it … we’ll drown out You-Know-Who’s name with raucous groggers!

Afterward, we’ll head downstairs to make delicious homemade hamantaschen 

and devour them hot from the oven, along with bagels, smoked salmon, and whatever other (non-meat) items people choose to bring. Feel free to bring along your favorite filling, or let Susan know which fillings you like best!

There’ll be carnival games for the kids, and prizes for those who show up in costume!